The Metro Air Force Commander . Basic Two-Speed Pet Dryer

This dryer is a must ... After a bath, the dryer drastically cuts the time the dog must spend on the grooming table. It is also very portable to take to show sites.It does a terrific job of fluffing up the coat before showing   - Nancy L. Brissette


The Metro Commander Pet Dryer. This all-time best-selling pet dryer is the leader in convenience, performance and price. The Commander is a portable, small dryer that does not sacrifice power for size. Now available in colors. Pick your favorite.


The Metro Air Force Commander . Basic Two-Speed Pet Dryer


You want more out of your dryer than just a lot of hot air. You want a dryer that saves you time, saves you work and leaves your pets looking beautiful.  That's the Metro Air Force Commander grooming advantage: a powerful and lightweight compact floor/table dryer with two-speed performance and sturdy all-steel construction.

Features include an easy change filter and dual mounted legs that allow this dryer to be used vertically or horizontally.   Compact: 12" x 7" x 7" Six ft. Flexible hose w/ Air Flow Control, Air Concentrator and Groomer Rake.

METRO 17-016 Air Force Commander 2-Speed AFTD-3 Dryer 4 HP - 11.25 amps 

This is the most powerful 2-Speed Model in the Commander Pet Dryer Line.