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#1 All Systems grooming products for coarse coated breeds

For grooming your wire-coated breed, it's all about texture.  Shampoos with conditioners or moisturizing properties are wrong and make this type of coat look flat and too soft.

Wire Coat breeds such as the Airedale, Jack Russell Terrier,
Schnauzer, German Wirehaired Pointer, Wirehaired Dachshund,
Brussels Griffon and West Highland White Terrier have a dense undercoat topped entirely with a hard, wire coat.  The longer guard coat can form mats, knots, and tangles and should be brushed and combed thoroughly.  An anti-static grooming spray is a great asset for this issue.

Wire coats are like coarse coats because of the importance of preserving texture and the selected coarse coat products can be used on wire breeds. Wire coats are usually bathed less frequently and this coat does well with a self-cleaning shampoo.

Here is a complete shampoo that does not need to be rinsed out.
Self Rinse Shampoo is perfect when a complete bath is either not practical or necessary. Cleans thoroughly, conditions completely, and leaves a residue-free coat. This special formula is rich in protein conditioners and all-natural, healthy ingredients with a light refreshing lemon-lime fragrance.

#1 All Systems Grooming Terrier Type Wire Coats