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#1 All Systems Whitening Products For White And Light-Colored Pets

Staining found beneath the eyes and around the mouth is unhealthy and can be dangerous.  The reddish-brown stains on the face result from the hair constantly being damp or wet. This is the ideal environment for bacteria and a common yeast infection called Ptyrosporin (Red Yeast).

Advanced pet grooming products contain enzymes that work on these stains and optical brighteners that improve appearance.  The primary goal is to keep your pet's face clean and dry to avoid infections and the resulting stains.  Whitening products formulated by #1 All Systems eliminate face stains and improve coats by removing stains, yellowing and discolorations.


Reviewed in the United States on January 28, 2020
Verified Purchase Customer

5.0 out of 5 stars 

Best Product Period
Adopted a Bedlington Terrier had mouth and tear stains
Tried a bunch of highly rated snake oils offered in Amazon...Ivan say don’t waste time or money.  This stuff delivers.
I watched professional groomers using this and after getting my order I see why.  There are visible results after a couple of uses.
No stains with regular use.
I know that the others I purchased had reviews similar to this and that’s why I bought them but research grooming videos and you’ll see this brand used by people who show dogs

#1 All Systems Pure White Lightening Shampoo + Super Whitening Gel


by #1 All Systems removes stains and brightens with advanced enzymes.
Created for whites, creams, pale golds, and light silvers.  Contains hair strengtheners and conditioners for additional coat improvement.

by #1 All Systems safely removes stains from tearing, urine and food.  This is an easy to use clear gel that conditions and strengthens hair making it more resistant to future staining. The maximum stain removing action takes approximately 15 minutes.

This set includes a brush with flat, stiff bristles that is perfect for applying Whitening Gel.  Controls the right amount of gel as well as even application.


Reviewed in the United States on January 11, 2020


5.0 out of 5 stars

Doesn't sting or irritate your pets eyes or skin
This works!!  Just like they say!!

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