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#1 All Systems pin brushes and bristle brushes are built to last.

Using the right brush for your dog's coat type is essential for maintaining a healthy and well-groomed appearance. Different coat types require different grooming tools to effectively remove loose hair, prevent matting, and promote overall coat health.

#1 All Systems has designed brushes that work best for each of the coat types to get the job done more efficiently and ensure the best results.  Each brush is carefully crafted and built to last.


Beautifully designed, contoured Beechwood handles with rust-proof, smooth rounded, anti-static pins ... these brushes are a pleasure to use.  Large oval-headed, lightweight hardwood handle with a white, soft pad is more flexible for silky, fragile, dense coats.  Brushes with a firm black cushion are ideal for rough double coats.



This new brush has become an instant best-seller and everyone's favorite.
Originally created for rough coats such as the Sheltie, Collie, Golden Retriever, Siberian Husky, Malamute and Pekingese, the VICTORIA BRUSH also works wonders on hard-coated terrier breeds and double-coated longhaired breeds.

This hard-working sturdy brush is an excellent de-matting tool. With 20mm long, 1.4mm extra-thick carbon steel pins that are ground and polished to be super-gentle and anti-static natural rubber cushion (unlike other manufacturers' plastic cushions) and FSC Certified handle.  Available with both oval and oblong heads.

#1 All Systems The Brush For Every Coat Type


Dog show enthusiasts have always favored these types of brushes for their show dogs’ coats to limit damage to the coat, and promote healthy shine.  Boar Bristle Brushes gently massage to increase blood flow and encourage hair growth, seal cuticles by encouraging even distribution of sebum, prevent coat breakage, and help to reduce static electricity in the coat.


This popular brush is gentle on hair and skin.  Exclusive bristle/nylon construction combines pure wild boar bristle and nylon pins set in a black lacquered beechwood oval handle. This brush distributes natural oils while exfoliating the skin and stimulating the circulation of hair follicles. The nylon pins have rounded tips for comfort and ensure thorough brush out.  Excellent for all breeds of dogs and cats and a favorite with the jacket breeds.


This excellent brush distributes the skin's natural oils throughout the coat for a healthier shine.
The #1 All Systems boar bristle brush surpasses all others in construction, performance, and looks. Ergonomically shaped and constructed with 100% natural boar bristles seated in a comfortable and beautiful olive wood handle, this brush is built to last. Excellent for all smooth coated breeds as well as breeds with rough outer coats and dense undercoats. This is a brush that is a pleasure to own and a pleasure to use. It is preferred by top professionals worldwide.


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