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#1 All Systems Botanical Conditioner is the perfect grooming product for dogs with a drop coat.

#1 All Systems has the perfect grooming products for dogs with a drop coat. Botanical Conditioner is an instant conditioner specifically formulated keep the coat moisturized and keep the coat manageable and easier to brush and maintain.  Start with Super Cleaning & Conditioning Shampoo.

Brushing out the coat correctly is all-important for drop-coated breeds and that begins with the perfect brush.  #1 All Systems Pin Brushes have the prerequisite long pins.   And, these are rust-proof and anti-static.  Importantly, they have rounded and polished tips for your pet's comfort. 

Once brushed through, it is important to use a metal comb throughout the coat to ensure that no tangles have been left behind.  The #1 All Systems Metal Combs are durable smooth finishes that will not snag the coat and are designed with teeth properly spaced for drop-coated breeds.

For drop-coated breeds, Fabulous Grooming Spray is a must-have essential.  Brushing out a dry coat causes static which leads to breakage.  This daily grooming spray is not only a detangler, it adds moisture and protection.  And, it will never build up or get sticky or stiff.

#1 All Systems Grooming Silky Drop Coated Breeds


#1 All Systems Botanical Conditioner is a moisture-rich conditioner specifically formulated to help keep drop coats silky, smooth, and tangle-free. It helps to prevent split ends, frizz, and tangles while maintaining important moisture levels to keep the coat strong and healthy. 


This instant conditioner is enriched with natural botanicals to not only hydrate but to nourish and protect the coat while adding shine and manageability.


The ideal companion shampoo to start with is Super Cleaning & Conditioning Shampoo because it rinses quickly and completely. Drop-coated breeds often need baths more frequently and this shampoo is gentle enough to be used as often as necessary without stripping or drying out the coat.  Because it is concentrated you can dilute as needed for heavily soiled coats or just a touch-up bath.

Fabulous Grooming Spray is the ideal grooming spray.  With continued use texture, volume and gloss steadily improve. It replenishes the coat and repels dirt, is made with all-natural products and has a specialized trigger spray that delivers an extra fine mist so you control how much or little is used.



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