#1 All Systems Botanical Conditioner

This is the first in a new generation of conditioners with all-natural components. Excellent for all breeds.  Keeps coats free of static, smooth and silky.  Will not weigh down the coat or build-up.


Controls even the most difficult coats while reducing matting and tangling.


#1 ALL SYSTEMS  Conditioners for glorious coats ... Because
They're sure beautiful at the end of a lead in the show ring. They're also beautiful at the end of a leash in the park ...      - Gina Spadafori

#1 All Systems Botanical Conditioner Instantly Improves All Coats


This is an instant conditioner for dogs and cats created by #1 All Systems.

Botanical Conditioner is specifically recommended for difficult to manage coats. Formulated from botanical extracts for instant conditioning.  Adds texture and lustrous shine.


This is the best conditioner. It is easy to use and the results are excellent.  Doesn't weigh down the coat or feel greasy. I love it!
Jessica Peale

I use this conditioner for both my dog and my longhaired cat. It is the best - And, I have tried a LOT of them.  Carol Langford