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Finding the Perfect Grooming Products for Your Dog

Choosing grooming products that target your dog's breed and coat type is always best. We understand how impactful this can be and that's why our selections include grooming products created by #1 All Systems for the varying requirements of each of the different coat types.
With these specifically tailored products, you can be sure that you're getting the best match for your pet's breed and coat type so you can simplify grooming and always get the best results.

#1 All Systems formulates grooming products for individual coat types.

The #1 All Systems brand is proven and preferred by professionals worldwide.
Shampoos and conditioners are carefully formulated.

Brushes and combs crafted by #1 All Systems are built to last.

All are created to meet the distinct grooming requirements
for each of the coat types. 
Let us know if you have questions or need assistance making your selection.

Coat Types 

Our selection of #1 All Systems grooming products for dogs with a Smooth Coat is designed to keep these coats healthy and looking great.

Grooming Your Smooth Coated Breed

Our selection of grooming products for dogs with a Smooth Coat is designed to keep these coats healthy and looking great. Designated shampoos and conditioners keep skin and coat moisturized to reduce shedding. We also offer a range of brushes and combs that are perfect for these breeds to remove dirt, dead skin, and excess dead hair . With these products, you will love how your dog looks. He'll love how it feels.

Shampooing with a #1 All Systems specialty shampoo formulated for drop coats will help keep hair strong and healthy, prevent split ends, frizz, and mats.

Grooming Your Drop Coat Breed

Drop Coats are easily recognizable by their long and silky coats. Common breeds of drop coats include Afghan Hounds, Shih Tzu, Yorkies, and other longhaired breeds. To keep their coats looking their best, these breeds require products that moisturize but do not build up weighing down the coats. Regular brushing, combing, and shampooing with a specialty shampoo designed for drop coats will help keep hair strong and healthy, prevent split ends, frizz, and mats. With consistent care, Drop Coats kept in either full coat or cute haircuts can look as adorable as they should.

White Coat Type.jpg

Grooming Your White Coated Breed

The crisp, clean look of white fur is immensely popular and makes these elegant dogs stand out in any setting.  The problem is that white fur is more porous than other coat colors and susceptible to staining and discoloration. And, some white or light-colored breeds are prone to tear staining caused by the presence of porphyrins in tears resulting in reddish-brown discoloration around the eyes. The tendency for stains, yellowing, and dullness really spoils the appearance of these beautiful breeds. Regular brushing and using advanced specialized shampoos can keep white coats looking as beautiful as they should.

#1 All Systems specific product selections for dogs with a Coarse Coat are perfect for your poodle and breeds with similar coarse coats.

Grooming Your Coarse Coated Breed

We offer grooming products specifically designed and correct for beautiful coarse-coated breeds such as

correct for the coarse coats breeds such as  Huskies, German Shepherds, Collies, Newfoundlands, Sheepdogs, Poodles, and Pomeranians, and dogs with similar coat structure.  From shampoos and conditioners to specific brushes and combs, we have everything you need to keep your dog looking fabulous. 

Shop By Breed Coat Types   wire coat.jpg

Grooming Your Wire Coat Breed

Wire Coat breeds such as the Jack Russell, Airedale,  West Highland White Terriers, and Brussels Griffon have a soft dense undercoat over most of the body covered entirely with a wire coat.  Wire Coats are like Coarse Coats in that preserving texture is ultra important and so Coarse Coat products can be used on the wire breeds. Wire Coats are different in that they can be bathed less frequently and this coat does well with a self-cleaning shampoo. These handsome breeds should be kept well brushed out and the correct combination of grooming products will keep them looking snappy.

jacket cocker_edited.jpg

Grooming Your Jacket Coated Breed

Breeds that have a silky undercoat and a coarse outer coat, often referred to as a "jacket," need extra attention to keep their coats healthy and looking great. Setters, spaniels, and cocker spaniels typically have this type of harsher outer coat or top coat (the jacket) along with a softer, drop coat that comprises the furnishings.  Gentle moisturizing products are best but should not contain ingredients that coat the hair shaft and weigh down delicate silky furnishings.  The selection of correct brushes and combs for breeds with this coat type is imperative to keep them always looking their best.

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Coat Types Matter

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Grooming Products Selected By Coat Type


Drop-coated breeds are among the most beautiful and elegant of all breeds.  This coat type is characterized by long, straight hair and a flat cuticle layer.  A lot of moisture is required to keep the cuticle smooth and flat and it is vital that this coat stays strong and healthy to prevent split ends, frizz and tangles leading to mats.   Specifically formulated to provide these requirements is the combination of #1 All Systems Super Cleaning & Conditioning Shampoo paired with Instant Botanical Conditioner.  The perfect leave-in conditioner that protects this kind of coat keeping it moisturized, anti-static, and tangle-free is Fabulous Grooming Spray.

Breeds that fall under Drop Coats include Afghan Hounds, Shih Tzu, Yorkshire Terriers, Papillons, the Lhasa Apso, and those with similar coat types.  Setters and Spaniels have silky furnishings that are the same coat type as the Drop Coats.  However, these breeds are characterized as having a more coarse
Jacket in combination with the silky parts of the overall coat.  ​All of these breeds require a pin brush and metal comb. And, a Slicker Brush is handy for removing dead undercoats and touching up tight spots around the face and legs.  The #1 All Systems Pin Brush has the appropriate flexible soft rubber pad and long rust-proof anti-static pins.  Their Slicker is the best on the market for protecting fragile coats and the teeth of the #1 All Systems Ultimate Metal Combs are properly spaced, the smooth finish will never snag. 


Smooth-coated breeds have hair that is short and close to the body.  Some have single coats, like Dalmatians, others, like Pugs have double coats.  Smooth-coated dogs are prone to skin issues such as dry, flakey skin and are also prone to shedding.  We have the perfect selection of grooming products from shampoos and conditioners to deep clean but still moisturize to the best brushes to manage shedding and keep your dog's coat healthy and looking great. 

The skin serves as a barrier to water loss by the body. If this protective barrier is damaged it cannot function properly, leading to dryness.  The best-selling SUPER CLEANING & CONDITIONING SHAMPOO is excellent for maintaining the coat AND THE SKIN.  Smooth-coated breeds people are not used to spending a lot of time with grooming and so this shampoo is great for them -- it cleans fast, rinses easily + fast and the results are immediate.

#1 All Systems responds to the shedding challenge with sturdy brushes that are designed for performance and built to last. Thoroughly tested and acclaimed by top pros worldwide these brushes are carefully constructed with the finest materials.


SLICKER BRUSHES are crafted with bent-wire bristles to grasp and effectively remove dead undercoat which is essential for keeping ahead of shedding.  The PURE BOAR BRISTLE BRUSH is a pleasure to own and a pleasure to use.  Made with 100% natural boar bristles firmly seated in a comfortable and beautiful olive wood handle. These bristles distribute healthy oils from the skin to the coat and just plain feel good.  Your dog will love this brush!

For all coat types, Fabulous Grooming Spray is a must-have because there are so many reasons to never brush a dry coat.


Products with too much of the moisturizers that work for other coat types will compromise texture for Coarse Coated breeds.  Instead #1 All Systems has perfected formulas to nourish and hydrate this type of coat while maintaining that all-important natural texture and volume.  Also, styling products have been perfected to give your Coarse Coated breed a professional-looking finish.  For coarse and rough coats, the leader of the pack is CRISP COAT SHAMPOO to maintain the "snap" in the coat and SUPER RICH PROTEIN CONDITIONER that is light enough to maintain texture while still flattening the cuticle layer and providing needed protection.  

Wire Coats are similar to coarse coats in that texture is all-important and must be maintained for that snappy terrier look.  This is why the #1 All Systems products developed for Coarse Coats can be used effectively on wire-coated breeds.  CRISP COAT SHAMPOO and SUPER RICH PROTEIN LOTION CONDITIONER are perfect selections.  And, because dogs with Wire Coats tend to get baths less often, Self-Rinse Shampoo is a terrific choice because it is used as a refresher and deodorizer as is and does not need it to be rinsed out!  This must-have no-rinse shampoo is actually great for all coat types as a touch-up and when a complete bath is not necessary or convenient.  

For Coase Coats and Wire Coats, it is so important to remove loose undercoat and thoroughly brush out the guard coat.  A firm, yet flexible pin brush is essential for Coarse Coats and the #1 All Systems pin brush has  27mm long anti-rust and anti-static pins to get this job done well.  The #1 All Systems Slicker for Wire Coats is the best and is a best-seller.   It's always good to comb through the coat after brushing to make sure nothing has been missed.  The #1 All Systems Fabulous DeMatting comb is perfect to get this job finished well. 

Explore Selections By Coat Type

#1 All Systems is a brand that offers high-quality brushes and combs built to last and a complete line of shampoos and conditioners that are based on gentle organic formulas and carefully formulated for specific coat types. 
When you select superior grooming products that are best for your dog's coat type, you're already ahead by simplifying grooming and getting exceptional results.

Products for grooming your dog based on his coat type
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