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#1 All Systems  knows that white coats are beautiful without stains.

Elegant breeds with white coats are beautiful and hugely popular.  And, parti-colored coats with visually striking and unique patterns appeal to many. The problem is that white fur is prone to staining because white and light-colored fur is more porous and absorbs substances more easily and staining is more noticeable.

Common causes of staining include ingredients in the diet,  tear duct issues or simply the pigments in tears, environmental substances such as dirt, grass, and minerals in water, and saliva stains when dogs lick or drool. Even the ingredients in some grooming products can impact the color of your dog's coat. It's always best to choose products specifically formulated for white or light-colored coats to help minimize staining, yellowness, and dinginess.


#1 All Systems is the leader in developing advanced grooming products including whitening products that get the job done without bleach, bluing, or harsh chemicals.

With #1 All Systems, it's promises made and promises kept and these whitening and stain-removing products deliver results you can count on.  Make your selection for beautiful coats that pop with sparkling white.

#1 All Systems For White and Parti-Color Coats With White


Dogs with white coats look beautiful with pure white, bright coats.  And, parti-colored dogs look best with defined colors that are bright and shiny with white patches that pop, pure white and unstained.  Nothing spoils your pet's appearance more than stains on the face, feet, or anywhere!  Even worse, these stains are unhealthy.

We put together grooming packages for this "whiteness" grooming challenge:

Pure White Lightening Shampoo + Shazam Super Whitening Gel + the perfect Applicator Brush for white and light-colored coats

And, Brightening / Whitening Shampoo  + Shazam Super Whitening Gel + the perfect Applicator Brush for coats with color - any color.

"My dogs used to have stains on their beards, tear stains and pee stains.  What a mess!  I started using #1 All Systems whitening products last year.  Not only are the stains gone but the coats are so healthy and easy to manage.  I would never use anything else!"  Martha Young


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