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#1 All Systems whitening products for removing stains and discolorations

We love it when our dogs look fabulous.  
Shampoo and conditioner ... great.  But often it's specialized products that make all the difference.  #1 All Systems products were created for the stiff competition of the show ring and show dogs don't have stained or discolored coats.  Their coats sparkle and their coats pop with beautiful color and shine.


White Lightening Shampoo is formulated with high-technology cleaning agents to safely whiten, brighten and remove stains.  For white, cream, pale gold, and light silver colored coats .  This shampoo brightens and removes stains, yellowing, discoloraions and dinge.  It contains advanced enzymatic cleaning agents and conditioners in a shampoo base that will moisturize, enhance, protect and shine.

Shazam! Super Whitening Gel gets stains and discoloration out without bleach or harsh chemicals.  This is the most effective and most convenient whitening product on the market. Super Whitening Gel is a clear gel that safely, effectively, and gently removes tear, saliva, and pee stains with technologically advanced enzymes. State-of-the-art conditioners moisturize and strengthen hair.  Staining found beneath the eyes and around the mouth is unhealthy and can be dangerous.  The reddish-brown stains on the face result from the hair constantly being damp or wet. This is the ideal environment for bacteria and a common yeast infection called Ptyrosporin (Red Yeast).   Advanced enzymes work on these stains and optical brighteners that improve appearance.  Whitening products formulated by #1 All Systems eliminate face stains and improve coats by removing stains, yellowing and discolorations.


Pro Formula Whitening / Brightening Shampoo  A lot of deep cleaning shampoos work at getting your dog really clean but end up dulling coat colors. But, not this one. This whitening brightening shampoo will whiten whites, remove rust staining on blacks and brighten as well as remove stains on all coat colors. #1 All Systems Whitening & Brightening Shampoo is a specially formulated shampoo, rich in coat cleansers, optical brighteners, and conditioners. Contains UV protection too!

Your Dog Is The Best Looking Kid On The Block


Advanced color-enhancing botanical conditioners in Red/Brown for Apricot, Liver, Red, Brown and Golden coats and Midnight for Black, Blue, and Dark Silver coats.   These versatile color enhancers contain natural silk, herbal extracts, and UV absorbers for maximum color protection.  Really make an impact with rich, beautiful color, high-lights and low-lights . 

Can be sprayed on, mixed with regular conditioner, or used full strength. Enhances the natural color without harsh chemicals or ammonia. Adds shine, and volume, improves texture. For all coat types.

For best results shampoo first with  Crisp Coat Shampoo.  When mixed with basic conditioners use  Botanical Conditioner for drop, soft, cottony, and silky coats or Super Rich Protein Conditioner for harder, rough and open coats.

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