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#1 All Systems Super Rich Protein Lotion Conditioner

Especially recommended (and a favorite) for building body and texture for rough-coated breeds, all-natural #1 All Systems Super Rich Protein Lotion Conditioner is an excellent conditioner for all coat types.


For pets - continued use will significantly improve overall coat condition.

For longhaired show coats, this Super Rich Conditioner is used with  #1 All Systems Lanolin Plus Conditioner for "Holding Coats" (coats kept "in oil").   "Holding Coats", "in oil" or "put down in oil" all refer to the same thing: the act of applying a product that will reduce tangling and matting.

Many of the coat-holding products found on the market today are designed to coat the hair shaft with oil to keep it from matting and tangling. They do not condition. So, consequently, the minute the oil is removed the hair is very dry and weakened, having lost its elasticity plus making it vulnerable to breakage.  Proper use of  #1 All Systems products can make this task quick and easy with rewarding results. 


#1 All Systems Protein Lotion Conditioner is one of the keys to a successful oil technique when mixed in the proper proportions with #1 All Systems Lanolin Plus. Besides the wonderful conditioning benefits of the protein, it is an excellent de-tangler and anti-stat.



#1 All Systems Super Rich Protein Lotion Conditioner For Texture . Body


I love this conditioner by #1 All Systems. My Norwich Terrier's coat just 'comes alive' after her bath and Super Rich Conditioner. - Becky Halverson


This natural conditioner is formulated from pure vegetable protein. The amazing conditioning benefits of the protein make it an excellent de-tangler and anti-stat for long-haired breeds. It adds texture and shine. Detangles and maintains volume. This luxurious conditioner actually helps coats repel dirt.

Formulated with all-natural ingredients. Used alone, this protein conditioner is especially recommended for hard-textured or double-coated breeds where substance and body are needed (Malamutes, Huskies, coarser coated Poodles, Newfoundlands, Papillions, Collies, Goldens, and dogs with coats of like type and construction.)  Rinse according to how much body the coat needs (less rinsing, more body).

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