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#1 All Systems Lanolin Conditioner

Use Pure Lanolin Plus as a brush-out agent between baths and, when mixed with Super Rich Protein Lotion Conditioner and left in, for adding moisture, deep conditioning, and prevention of breakage.

For longhaired breeds mix with #1 All Systems Super Rich Protein Lotion Conditioner: work into the coat until saturated. Rinse to distribute product and squeeze out excess. Blow-dry into the coat.

On short-coated breeds follow the same procedure but finish by buffing off excess Conditioner and Lanolin Plus with a terry towel. The #1 All Systems Victoria Brush is a superb tool for distributing Pure Lanolin Plus on short-coated breeds.


For pets, Pure Lanolin Plus will significantly improve overall coat growth and condition. Gentle and safe for even the most sensitive pets.


#1 All Systems products provide all I need to keep my show dogs and my pets healthy and groomed to perfection. I would never consider using anything else. - Jennifer Warren

#1 All Systems Pure Lanolin Plus Conditioner For Deep Conditioning


Deep condition, moisturize, strengthen and get fabulous resiliency with #1 All Systems Pure Lanolin Plus.  Replaces moisture lost through bathing, blow-drying, exposure to sun and wind. Reduces matting and promotes hair growth.

For longhaired show coats, this Pure Lanolin Plus is used with #1 All Systems Super Rich Protein Lotion Conditioner for "Holding Coats" (coats kept "in oil").

"Holding Coats", "in oil" or "put down in oil" all refer to the same thing: the act of applying a product that will reduce tangling and matting.


Many of the coat-holding products found on the market today are designed to coat the hair shaft with oil to keep it from matting and tangling. They do not condition. So, consequently, the minute the oil is removed the hair is very dry and weakened, having lost its elasticity plus making it vulnerable to breakage. Proper use of #1 All Systems products can make this task quick and easy with rewarding results.

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