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#1 All Systems Because Your Dog Is Too Cute  For Tears Stains

...  Wish I could post before and after pictures. My American Eskimo dog had very bad tear stains. The fur was a dark reddish-brown. I applied it twice a week .. and the stains are GONE - Diane Sinclair

Amazing!... I was so impressed that I am making a video of the whole process from the beginning YouTube BellaNotte - Cloud9Maltese


#1 All Systems is the leader in developing grooming products that deliver results.  Nothing spoils your pets' appearance more than stains on the face, feet or anywhere!  Even worse, these stains are unhealthy.

We put together grooming packages for this grooming challenge:
Pure White Lightening Shampoo + Super Whitening Gel + the perfect Applicator Brush for white and light-colored coats and
Brightening / Whitening Shampoo Shampoo + Super Whitening Gel + the perfect Applicator Brush for coats with color - any color.  Make your selection.


Your Dog Is Too Cute For Tear Stains . Shazam Super Whitening Gel


The only one that really works.

Shazam! Super Whitening Whitening Gel gets stains and discoloration out without bleach or harsh chemicals.  Created by #1 All Systems. This is the most effective and most convenient whitening product on the market.


Super Whitening Gel is a clear gel that safely, effectively and gently removes tear, saliva and urine stains with technologically advanced enzymes and state-of-the-art conditioners that moisturize and strengthen hair.

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