...  Wish I could post before and after pictures. My American Eskimo dog had very bad tear stains. The fur was a dark reddish-brown. I applied it twice a week .. and the stains are GONE - Diane Sinclair

Amazing!... I was so impressed that I am making a video of the whole process from the beginning YouTube BellaNotte - Cloud9Maltese

Shazam Super Whitening Gel The Only One That Really Works

  • The only one that really works.

    Shazam! Super Whitening Whitening Gel gets stains and discoloration out without bleach or harsh chemicals.  Created by #1 All Systems. This is the most effective and most convenient whitening product on the market.


    Super Whitening Gel is a clear gel that safely, effectively and gently removes tear, saliva and urine stains with technologically advanced enzymes and state-of-the-art conditioners that moisturize and strengthen hair.

  • Ships immediately by US Priority Mail. Time in transit is 2-3 days. Mail.  Time in transit is 2-3 days.


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