Washing your pet indoors or outdoors has never been easier. No more messy cups and buckets. No sloppy shampoo container to fill. 


Connect the Indoor/Outdoor Pet Sprayer with 8’ hose to your faucet, spigot or garden hose. Press grooming sprayer lever to start water flow. Deep, penetrating sprayer jets will thoroughly clean your pet.


The Rinse Ace quickly connects to your existing faucet in the shower or the sink or to your outside spigot. The patented design guarantees the dog shower hose will stay put and never blow off. When you’re done dog bathing, just detach dog shower hose and store.

Pet Bath Sprayer For Existing Faucet Easy Attachment Indoors Or Outdoors

Faucet Or Shower
  • The Rinse Ace Pet Faucet Sprayer is another win-win alternative for making bathing your pet incredibly quick and easy.

    Select the Shower Sprayer for use in the shower.  Select the Indoor/Outdoor Sprayer for use in any indoor sink or outside attached to spigot.

    The Deluxe Pet Shower Sprayer ..
    Connect the 8’ pet shower hose only at bath time. No need to remove the showerhead Water flows only when the sprayer button is pressed. 


    The Indoor/Outdoor Faucet Sprayer .. 
    Connect the Indoor/Outdoor Pet Sprayer 8’ hose to your indoor faucet, outdoor spigot or garden hose.


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