Learn the essential techniques perfected over a lifetime -- to care
for and maintain long coats -- and achieve a perfectly groomed and elegant finish.

  • Proper BRUSHING Methods
  • Correct BATHING Procedure
  • Safe BLOW DRYING Technique
  • Finish With IRONING The Coat
  • The TOP KNOT

    Show Off Your Dog GROOMING BASICS is a delightful presentation that is not only a valuable grooming resource but fascinating to watch as a world-class exhibitor transforms her own dog into looking spectacular. He is the International and World ChampionBIS BISS Ch. Show Off's Humor Me




  • Show Off Your Dog
    " A grooming video that is quite simply
    the best of its kind ever done ...
    This video is a must."
    ShowSight Magazine


    This acclaimed video features Ena Lane who demonstrates grooming procedures and proven techniques for maintaining longhaired breeds in full coat. If you will be showing your dog or simply have chosen to keep your longhaired dog beautiful in full coat, this is a must-have video for you.

    For those willing to put the time and effort into grooming their dogs to look as beautiful and polished as any show dog, this video will show you how to obtain that most rewarding objective.


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Good grooming is not just an option when it comes to the health and well-being of our pets So ... Let's do this!


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