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3D Volumizing Spray For Twice The Thickness . Twice The Volume

GROOMING SPRAYS created by #1All Systems are cutting-edge developments in dog grooming products and are consistent customer favorites for a reason.  Because results matter.


#1 All Systems 3-D VOLUMIZING SPRAY is a  new kind of Volumizing Spray that can be used for overall body, volume, and texture or just at the roots to lift the coat. After use, brush through the coat without damage.


The more you use, the bigger the volume, the thicker the coat. Never greasy, sticky, or stiff, and no build-up. Renew by misting with water and restyling.




#1 All Systems Victoria Pin Brush
The pin brush that you have been waiting for. The Victoria Brush gets the job done like none other. This new heavy-duty pin brush is already a favorite and is sure to be your favorite grooming tool too.  Extra thick and highly polished pins are set into an anti-static cushion.  Heavy-duty and built to last.


#1 All Systems Ultimate Pin Brush
Especially recommended for finer, more fragile coats when every hair counts.  Designed with oval, plastic handle, and longer, rust-proof, anti-static pins. The 27mm pins penetrate the coat deeper without tearing hair. The contoured handle is crafted for ultimate comfort. This all-purpose brush is built to last and is designed to outlast all of the competition.


3D Volumizing Spray For Twice The Thickness . Twice The Volume


I love the versatility of this volumizing spray. For some dogs, a little spray just where needed does the trick.  When more thickness is needed I use my Victoria brush to lift the coat and spray the roots blow-drying it in. 


You can easily brush out even after using the spray throughout the coat ... a totally amazing product!   Kiernan Beich


Victoria Pin Brush
Originally created for rough coats such as the Sheltie, Collie, Golden Retriever, Siberian Husky, Malamute, and Pekingese, the Victoria Brush also works wonders on hard-coated terrier breeds and double-coated longhaired breeds.  This hard-working sturdy brush is an excellent de-matting tool. 


Ultimate Pin Brush
The finest quality pin brush, designed to be gentle on the coat and specifically for medium to long coats, whether single or double-coated.  The Ultimate Pin Brush .. when only the finest brushing instrument will do. 


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