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#1 All Systems Bristle Brushes

Handsome and sturdy bristle brushes designed by #1 All Systems are carefully crafted and built to last.  Dog show enthusiasts have always favored these types of brushes for their show dogs’ coats to limit damage to the coat, promote healthy shine.  Boar Bristle Brushes gently massage to increase blood flow and encourage hair growth, seal cuticles by encouraging even distribution of sebum, prevent coat breakage, and help to reduce static electricity in the coat.


Bristle Style Brush With Nylon and Natural Boar Bristles Black Handle
Mason Pearson Style

This brush is gentle on hair and skin.

Exclusive bristle/nylon construction combines pure wild boar bristle and nylon pins set in a black lacquered beechwood oval handle. This brush distributes natural oils while exfoliating the skin and stimulating the circulation of hair follicles. The nylon pins have rounded tips for comfort and ensure thorough brush out.  Excellent for all breeds of dogs and cats.


Find brushes and combs designed for every breed and every coat type by #1 All Systems.  Every brush and comb is constructed with attention to detail and built to last. Here:  #1 All Systems . Brushes and Combs




#1 All Systems World Leader For The Finest Pure Bristle Brushes


Pure Boar Bristle Brush With Hardwood Handle

Helps distribute the skin's natural oils throughout the coat for a healthier shine.   This #1 All Systems boar bristle brush surpasses all others in construction, performance, and looks.


The ergonomically shaped #1 All Systems® Boar Bristle Brush is constructed with 100% natural boar bristles seated in a comfortable and beautiful olive wood handle. Excellent for all smooth coated breeds as well as breeds with rough outer coats and dense undercoats.  This is a brush that is a pleasure to own and a pleasure to use.  It is preferred by top professionals worldwide.


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