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Grooming sprays and gels by #1 All Systems for the finished look

Advanced grooming products developed by #1 All Systems
so you can finish a job well done by removing static, frizz and amping up the volume, shine, extra manageability.

  • Invisible Hold and Styling Gel
    Invisibly hold the style by providing an invisible hold. This clear gel blocks the effects of both humidity and dry atmosphere and contains moisturizing and strengthening conditioners. Great for creating top knots and for precise application add the  applicator brush to your order. 
  • Ultimate Comb . Small Size
    Pocket-sized and just 4.5 inches long and 1.5 inches wide.  With all the loved features and weightiness of the full-sized Ultimate Comb.  Perfect for grooming faces and feet. Perfect for small pets and touch-ups on the go.

#1 All Systems Finishing Products For The Best Finished Look

  • Fabulous Grooming Spray
    With continued use texture, volume and gloss steadily improve. Replenishes the coat and actually repels dirt!   This perfect daily grooming spray .. does not coat the hair and will never build up.
  • Got Hair Action Hair Apparent
    Moisturizes, texturizes, improves manageability, builds body and adds natural shine without buildup.  The perfect finishing touch.
  • Ultimate Pin Brush In Colors
    Get the job done and add some style with the best-selling Ultimate Pin Brush in fashionable colors.

    Thank you for including the photo of Olivia.
    I couldn't have done it without #1 All Systems -- the best grooming products ever!  Just amazing