#1 All Systems Fabulous DeMatting Comb

The #1 All Systems Fabulous De-Matting Comb might just be the very last de-matting tool that you ever buy. Best of all, you'll obliterate mats while minimizing damage to the coat.

This fabulous comb has pins evenly spaced and is constructed from the most durable steel available. The .5 inches wide handle is made from brass and nickel and the entire 6 inch comb is chrome plated. The ends and the 2 inch long pins are very round and smooth. 

#1 All Systems Fabulous De-Matting Comb Divide And Eliminate Stubborn Mats


This fabulous #1 All Systems comb with pins evenly spaced is constructed from the most durable rust resistant steel available. Obliterate mats while minimizing damage to the coat.

Customer Review: If I could give this comb 10 stars, I would ... more comfortable to use than any other comb I've used, and the teeth have rounded points, so much nicer on the dog's skin. It's also very sturdy and will last pretty much forever ...C. Weaganton

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