#1 All Systems Black Forest Brush

New And Fabulous
The Black Forest Pin Brush with double ground smooth pins 27mm long and a hardwood handle with a wonderful feel.  This state-of-the-art pin brush is sturdy and slightly more firm than the #1 All Systems pin brushes with white pads.

The outstanding must-have feature is the beautiful rich colors -- not just painted on but rich stains.  Select the elegant Violet, the rich Blush tan or the high-style Smokey Grey.

Black Forest Pin Brush Built For Performance


The Black Forest Pin Brush is not only beautiful but delivers exceptional performance and is built to last.  A pleasure to use.  Make a fashion statement with your color selection.


Recently attended the excellent Linda Pitts Grooming Webinar. She was using this wonderful looking Black Forest Pin Brush and it looked amazing. Just ordered one for myself and it's my new all-time favorite !!!  MH Atlanta