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John Paul Pet Grooming Wipes

Highest Quality Pet Care With A Salon Pedigree
John Paul Pet from Paul Mitchell . Grooming Wipes

This grooming essential is the ultimate in pet hygiene formulated to safely remove eye matter accumulation and remove ear matter buildup. Controls tear stains. Keeps ears fresh and healthy.

From Paul Mitchell . John Paul Pet Grooming Wipes For Eye & Ear


Moist wipes safely clean around your pet's eyes and outer ear areas while also absorbing odor.  Soothing, healing solution remove tear stains and moisture build-up that can accumulate around eyes and ears. Aloe-infused to gently condition and soothe skin. Dispenser canister contains (45) 7" x 7" sheets.


Made-in-the-USA from the same all-natural botanical extracts as PAUL MITCHELL brand salon products. Tested on humans first...PH balanced for pets
A portion of proceeds from each sale is donated to animal and wildlife organizations

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