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Best-selling video shows you how to groom your dog at home

" ... grooming, bathing, brushing, clipping will keep your dog looking sharp ... learn how to do it all .. this is a must-have dog grooming video"


Using a clipper and using scissors are both covered as are all important aspects of grooming that must be performed for all dogs ...There is a lot of material packed into this video and plenty of value for all pet owners."

"This is an outstanding dog grooming video. Simplified pet clips are demonstrated and important grooming procedures are explained in detail. How to handle a dog in the bath through grooming for a senior pet are presented with care. Grooming is a most important bonding time. It is not just an option when it comes to providing your dog with the best care.  OUTSTANDING IN EVERY WAY  Beth Shaw

"I have purchased several grooming videos. I really want to learn how to groom my dogs. This video was the BEST."   EXCELLENT, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED   Panda -  Upper Saddle River NJ

"This is an excellent and practical dog grooming video for learning how to do pet clips and grooming at home. A simplified basic pet haircut that can be adapted to look good on a variety of breeds is presented from start to finish. Everything is clearly explained so that any pet owner can follow along and achieve professional-looking results."

"This Video is EXCELLENT! I searched for years to find a good video or book to learn how to groom my dogs... only found mediocre ones... Until this one. It is Excellent! Very Detailed! The ladies teach you step-by-step without missing anything like some professionals do when they are trying to teach beginners; because its 2nd nature to them and they've forgotten to be "aware" of the basics. But not these ladies! ... Its a Keeper."  EXCELLENT DETAILED VIDEO! L. Wood






Grooming Your Dog

This video makes it simple to learn how to give your dog an attractive haircut. Key elements of conventional pet clips comprise the BASIC HAIRCUTS so that you can select the cut and style most suitable for your dog, whatever the breed.

  • The Spaniel Cut

  • The Traditional Puppy Cut

  • The Poodle Clip Technique

  • The Puppy Clip For Terriers

  • The Utility Cut

    Your dog's health and well being depend upon BASIC GROOMING. You will learn how simple it is to:

  • Trim eyebrows and whiskers

  • Trim pads of the feet

  • Cut the toenails

  • Pluck hair from the ear

The team that produced the highly acclaimed, best-selling video Show Off Your Dog GROOMING BASICS is here again to provide a step-by-step guide to grooming your dog at home and making sure he has the perfect haircut.

"From start to finish, this is an outstanding video. My wife and I give "Grooming Your Dog" an enthusiastic "two thumbs up!". Wonderful! Two thumbs up!   Charles - Framingham MA

" I've been grooming my Yorkies for years and do a pretty good job. I got a Shih Tzu and had no idea where to start. This tape not only helped me with the Shih Tzu cuts but with the Yorkie cuts too. Corrected several things I was doing wrong."  GREAT AND INFORMATIVE TAPE  Janice Nolan "Jalan Creations"  Phoenix, AZ 

"What I like that I learned from this video is how to actually use a clipper and the shears.  And for the first time grooming my Yorkie she looked really good!  The instructions are very comprehensive and easy to understand.KAREN TRAYNOR - Burlington

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