#1 All Systems Firm Pin Brush

Pin brushes by #1 All Systems designed with unsurpassed excellence and built to last are available with a black cushion for those who like a firmer brush.  These brushes have 27 mm long  pins or extra long 35mm pins and a firm but flexible pad ideal for rough, hard coated breeds. Thoroughly tested and acclaimed by top professionals worldwide these brushes have a smooth and  contoured Beechwood handle ... it is a pleasure to use.

#1 All Systems Because I Am #1 Pin Brush With Firm Black Pad . 27mm or 35mm Pins


Large oval headed, lightweight hardwood handle with 27mm long or extra-long 35mm pins that have smooth, have rounded tips.  This pin brush is offered with a firm black cushion which makes it ideal for rough textured coats and double coats.


This #1 All Systems brush is also available with a softer cushion (WHITE PAD) for softer, silkier coats.